Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Contributing Confederate Citizens File to Wiki

United States Civil War, 1861 to 1865

This is the page where I will contribute the resource for Confederate Citizens Files.  I will need to sign in on the top right first then I will be able to edit the page. 

Now that I am signed in, I will click on Section 12, Confederate Sources, because this is the section where I want to make the edit.
Confederate Sources

Next, I will Click "Edit."

Click edit to add resource

Notice below that the rich text editor opened up after I clicked on "Edit."  I added a bullet, and typed the text "Confederate Citizens Files at Footnote."
Rich Text Editor
Let's hyperlink the text so that the user can go straight to the collection.  I highlighted the text, and I copied the URL at Footnote.  I clicked on the icon of the world, and a box came up.  I pasted the link in the box and clicked "Ok."

Hyperlink text

You can see my entire contribution in the large red box below.  I added an explanation for the edit in the summary and clicked save.  I will receive an email when the page has been updated.  Someone may come along later and move or add more information to what I contributed, and I welcome that.

Add Summary and Click "Save"

You may now take a look at this section on FamilySearch Wiki:  Confederate Sources

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