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Saturday, June 4, 2011

ABC's of Abbeville County, SC: SCDAH Online Index

ON-LINE RECORDS  INDEX at SCDAH (Click on image).
There is a scavenger hunt going on at the South Carolina Genealogy Research Community  on Facebook for Abbeville County, South Carolina.  Well if you are on a scavenger hunt for records, it would help to know how to use the Online Index at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History

Search for John Waller at ON-LINE RECORDS  INDEX (Click on image).

 This is how the records are grouped:

 Records of Confederate Veterans 1909 - 1973 10,756 items
 Criminal Court Records  4,144 items
 Index to Multiple Record Series ca. 1675 -1929  173,216 items
 Legislative Papers 1782 - 1866 53,489 items
 National Register of Historic Places 1,415 items
 Plats for State Land Grants 1784 - 1868 51,809 items
 School Insurance Photographs 1935 - 1952  2,662 items
 Will Transcripts 1782 - 1855 11,059 items
  TOTAL: 308,580 items


Go to ON-LINE RECORDS  INDEX enter the name of your ancestor first, put a comma, then begin to enter the last name.  You will see suggestions pop up, and you may recognize some of the names that come up.

For example, I entered the name "Waller, John" and several choices came up.  Let's say the John Waller I was looking for lived in Abbeville prior to 1868.  Prior to 1868 we would be looking for records in Abbeville District.  It was renamed Abbeville County in 1868. I entered Abbeville District and clicked search.  That brought me to seven records. Some are even online. 
Seven results for John Waller on the ON-LINE RECORDS  INDEX at SCDAH (Click on image).

 I chose to look at this record:

Series: S108093
Reel: 0002
Frame: 00332
Item: 000
Record 3
of 7 records

If the image was not available online, I would go the the archives with the above information and locate the records on microfilm. If I lived too far, I could contact them and request a photocopy.

Click here to view the image for yourself.  Now try it out yourself.

If you find an ancestor, post the good news here: 

South Carolina Genealogy Research Community

Happy Hunting!
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Document your ancestor before 1870 using 1869 SC State Census

The 1869 South Carolina State Population Census is available on microfilm at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History(SCDAH). It was the first census taken that lists the African American head of household by name.  No other members of the household are named, however,  it can be beneficial if an ancestor was not able to be located on the 1870 United States Census.

This index lists the number of children from 6 to 16 by race and gender, number of males over 21 by race, and number of persons of all ages by race and gender.  Each of the following counties are available:

Abbeville, Anderson, Barnwell, Beaufort, Charleston, Chester, Chesterfield, Clarendon, Colleton, Darlington, Edgefield, Fairfield, Georgetown, Greenville, Horry, Lancaster, Laurens, Lexington, Marion, Marlboro, Newberry, Orangeburg, Pickens, Richland, Sumter, Union, Williamsburg, and York.

This record is missing for the counties of Kershaw, Oconee, and Spartanburg. I added this record to the page I am building on FamilySearch Wiki entitled South Carolina African Americans: Census Records

I found several ancestors this week. I created a chart below.  Jas. Anderson Tucker, Pettus W. Chick, are slave owners who are also ancestors.  Kincaid Vance, is the same J. K. Vance whose Confederate Civil War record that I wrote about last month.  He was a half-brother and slave owner to Beverly Vance below.

I am fortunate that they all still lived near each other. I am also fortunate to be able to find my 3rd great grandmother, Eliza Maybin living next to Pettus W. Chick.  She changed her name to Eigner in 1880.  Her son, Anderson changed his name from Maybin to Eigner to Chick.  I have yet to figure out how the surnames of Maybin and Eigner tie in. 

If you live far away and would like someone to look check this census for an ancestor, please let me know.

My Findings
Name of Person Children 6-16
Males     Females
W/C       W/C
Males over 21

Number of free
persons of all age
Males                        Females

Kincaid Vance
Image #2
2W               3W 3W
Beverly Vance
Image 2 (2nd g)
3C                 1C                  1C 4C
Andrew Johnson
Image 46
(2nd g)
2C                 1C 1C 1C
Andrew Johnson (JR) Image #53

1C 2C

Jas. A. Tucker

(4th g)
1W 1W
Pettus W. Chick (3rd g)
1W 1W
Eliza Maybin
(3rd g)

Henry Sims
(3rd g)

1C 1C

Monday, January 31, 2011

New interactive SC Civil Rights site with interviews!

I previously created a page on the FamilySearch Wiki: South Carolina African Americans where I have been contributing African American Resources for South Carolina.  I just added a great resource under Online Resources that I blogged about on About Our Freedom today:
This is an awesome resource for SC Civil Rights history shared on Twitter today by @Knowitall, South Carolina Educational Television's educational web portal, a collection of interactive K-12 websites for students, teachers, and parents.

Some of my extended family had family who actually signed the signed the Briggs v. Elliot petition!
Road Trip!

"Road Trip! Through South Carolina Civil Rights History is an interactive Web site designed to help teachers and students learn about the people, events and importance of the civil rights movement in South Carolina from the 1940s to the early 1970s." About Road Trip! Through SC Civil Rights History
My favorite part of the site are the interviews with people who participated in the Civil Rights movement.  This interactive website is a definite 10!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Historical Records also points to original images on other sites

In search of a possible Civil War Record for J. K. Vance (James Kincaid Vance)of Abbeville, South Carolina, I started with the Historical Records Collection at FamilySearch Internet.

1. Go to
2. Scroll down to "Browse by location."
3. Select USA, Canada, and Mexico.
Browse by location

4. Scroll down to "South Carolina, Civil War Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865."
5. Notice the camera icon in front of the link. This means the actual image is accessible. Click on the link, "South Carolina, Civil War Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865" to search that collection.

By the way, if you click on the link that says "Learn more," you will be taken to an article which is being developed on FamilySearch Wiki where you can learn more about this collection:

Learn more

6. Enter the the name J. K. Vance in the search field, and click search.
7. Of the four results, two are his son's record, and four are the Confederate Service Record for J. K. Vance.
Results for J. K. Vance in South Carolina, Civil War Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865 collection
 You will notice that the closest matches to your search will appear above the brown bar. The results below the brown bar do not match as closely, but they should not be overlooked.

8. Click on any of the links to see the indexed record.
Indexed Confederate Service Record for J. K. Vance.

9.  In the above screenshot, you will notice a gray box.  It says "An image for this record may be available at: Fees may apply."  Although the image is not available at this time on FamilySearch Internet, it is being made available at Footnote.

If you have a subscription to Footnote, you may proceed to view the image without interruption.  Otherwise, you may contact your local FamilySearch Center.  Many FamilySearch Centers provide free access to Footnote to patrons.  I accessed this record through Footnote.  See Compiled Service Records of J. K. Vance of Abbeville County, South Carolina.

10.  Click on "View Image" below the gray box, and you will be taken Footnote to view the image.

It was so convenient to be able to learn about this record on FamilySearch Internet and to also find out how to access it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Burwell Chick indexed by Restore the Ancestors

Burwell Chick owned Chick Springs Resort in Greenville, South Carolina.  This is the first record that I have found placing him in Charleston.  The record is part of the Estate Inventories for Charleston, South Carolina, 1732-1872.  It shows you should expand you search to include different counties.  You never know what you may find.

It was indexed by the folks who volunteer to Restore the Ancestors!  Thanks. It is amazing that these records just so happen to be free on Footnote.

Click the image below to view it free on Footnote.  Information about this database had already been added to the wiki:  Charleston County, South Carolina: Probate

Content Source: South Carolina Department of Archives & History Publication Title: Charleston District, South Carolina Estate Inventories and Selected Bills of Sale; 1732-1872
Content Source: South Carolina Department of Archives and History
Content Partner: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Family Search, and Lowcountry Africana
Source Publication Year: 1959
Footnote Job: 10-012
Footnote Publication Year: 2010
State: South Carolina
Country: United States
Language: English
Short Description: South Carolina court records relating to estate and personal assets.
Browse Description: Inventories, Appraisements and Sales Books, 1783-1846
Volume: H
Year: 1834-1846
Document Type: Inventories Of Estates
Page Number: 479
Series Name: Records Of Charleston District, Court Of Ordinary, Inventories And Appraisements Books
Series Number: L10136

Found proof that Pettus is the father of Burwell Chick

Just on Monday of this week I discovered a biography that mentioned Pettus Wales Chick and Burwell. I commented on the fact that I was going to search for a historical record to prove that Pettus Wales Chick of Hanover County, Viginia was their ancestor. See Chick biography at Heritage Quest lists Chick's going back to 1750's.

Well, I discovered the will of Pettus Chick of Hanover County, Virginia, proven on March 11, 1854, and it confirms the biography which showed him to be the father of Burwell Chick.  The will was shared by a Footnote user, moonietunes.  I added this website to the FamilySearch Wiki: Hanover County, Virgina-Websites

Document Description: Will of Pettus Chick, Hanover Co., VA, Chancery File No. 33, pp.185-187, dated Mar. 11, 1854; proved Apr. 25, 1854 (page 1)
Filename: PettusChickWill1.jpg

Contributed by:moonietunes Document Description: Will of Pettus Chick, Hanover Co., VA, Chancery File No. 33, pp.185-187, dated Mar. 11, 1854; proved Apr. 25, 1854 (page 2)
Filename: PettusChickWill2.jpg
Document Title: Pettus Chick, will, Hanover Co., VA, 1854, page 2

Document Description: Will of Pettus Chick, Hanover Co., VA, Chancery File No. 33, pp.185-187, dated Mar. 11, 1854; proved Apr. 25, 1854 (page 3)
Filename: PettusChickWill3.jpg
Document Title: Pettus Chick, will, Hanover Co., VA, 1854, page 3

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