Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Confederate Citizens File

It was a great day at the FHC.  I volunteer there once a week.  We only had one patron, so I took the opportunity to become more familiar with the FHC Portal where patrons can access subscription sites for free.  I chose to learn more about Footnote today.

I decided to figure out what new documentation I may be able to find on my slave ancestor's line. I know African Americans where not documented very well during that time period, so I must research the slave owners in hopes of gleaning information to document my African American ancestors.

J. K. Vance was a South Carolina State Representative previous to the Civil War.  He also owned my great great grandfather, Beverly Vance.  They were related.  I already found the Confederate service record for J. K. Vance.  I checked Footnote to see if there may be any other type records.

Surprisingly, I discovered the Confederate Citizens File for J. K. Vance.  They are Confederate records documenting citizens and businesses.  Remember the Confederacy set up a whole new government.  I never thought about searching those records before today.

You can learn more about the collection at:

Also, this is an 81 page pamphlet that describes the collection:  Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms.   This evening I checked FamilySearch Wiki where I found Confederate States of America and Texas State Troops  and  United States Civil War, 1861 to 1865.

I noticed section 12 of United States Civil War, 1861 to 1865 is entitled Confederate Sources. I think this will probably be the best place to put this resource.  In my next post, I will add a reference to the wiki about  the collection discovered.  I will post screenshots here so you will be able to follow along.

I suppose since this is the 150th year since the start of the Civil War, people may be especially interested in this resource.  The record of J. K. Vance was several pages long.  

I am also in the process of trying to translate all of the documents.  One page is a letter from the Inspector General in the Columbia office on June 11, 1863 asking permission of General G. T. Beauregard to allow J. K. Vance, of Abbeville District to transport sugar to be used by the people of South Carolina. 
Footnote, Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, 1861-65, pgs 1-22, J. K. Vance

National Archives Catalog Title: Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, compiled 1874 - 1899, documenting the period 1861 - 1865 


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